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10.9 Git Internals - Shrnutí


You should have a pretty good understanding of what Git does in the background and, to some degree, how it’s implemented. This chapter has covered a number of plumbing commands – commands that are lower level and simpler than the porcelain commands you’ve learned about in the rest of the book. Understanding how Git works at a lower level should make it easier to understand why it’s doing what it’s doing and also to write your own tools and helping scripts to make your specific workflow work for you.

Git jakožto obsahově adresovatelný systém souborů je velmi výkonným nástrojem, který snadno využijete i k jiným účelům než jako pouhý systém VCS. We hope you can use your newfound knowledge of Git internals to implement your own cool application of this technology and feel more comfortable using Git in more advanced ways.